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Eco Window Systems is an Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Manufacturer located in Miami Florida dedicated to delivering superior customer satisfaction from our warehouse to your home. Even more, to make dreams come true we build Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors engineered following the toughest standards in the industry at the best prices becoming financially affordable. With many different windows and doors models to choose from, in Eco Window Systems we offer you economy, efficiency, dedication, professionalism, and reliability. As one of the leading hurricane windows manufacturers in South Florida, we encourage you to browse our product selection confident all our products have passed Florida’s rigorous building codes to ensure their durability, elegance, and safety. See more about Our Company.

Impact Resistant Windows

Impact Windows | Catalog

Impact-Resistant-Windows manufactured by Eco Window Systems are quite popular among dealers and home owners. Single Hung, Horizontal Roller, Fixed Windows, Casement Windows and more. Visit now Impact Resistant Windows Catalog

Impact Resistant Doors

Impact Doors | Catalog

Meet Eco-Guard Series visiting our Doors Catalog section. Our Impact Resistant Doors are used in multiple architectural solutions. All Sliding Glass Doors and French Doors specifications have been included in Impact Resistant Doors Catalog

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Prepare City Permits

Let us prepare your city permits with the quality and acurracy your project demands. Every city has different requirements and we know how to adjust to them. Prepare City Permits

Made in USA

The Eco Window Systems team is devoted to helping customers find a solution that fits their needs. We understand many of the concerns our clients face when deciding to change their windows and doors and the importance of accurate information to facilitate the decision process. It is crucial that you select a company that has years of experience in the field. See NOA Miami Dade. Our quality products are 100% made in the USA with highly manufacturing standards and materials all dedicated to your entire satisfaction.

How to Become an Eco Windows Dealer?

Eco Window Systems is an Impact Windows and Doors Manufacturer based in Miami south of Florida since 2008. We build Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors that are engineered following the toughest standards in the industry and are financially affordable. ECO offers you economy, efficiency, and reliability. Our mission as a Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Manufacturer is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, building the best high Impact Windows.

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Hurricane Impact Window and Door

Eco Window Systems is a manufacturer of hurricane “impact resistant windows & doors”. We offer a full range of high performance, well built and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors for home and commercial structures. Our products are made of commercial grade aluminum, impact resistant laminated glass (best glass options) and fine hardware all produced to conform to rigorous industry standards. EcoGuard is an excellent option to replacement windows because they comply with the strictest code in the United States for wind-borne debris and wind loading protection. All our products are approved by the Miami Building Product Control Division


Hurricane windows and doors manufacturers build for protection against hurricanes and other related natural disasters. We use a PVB interlayer, sealed between two layers of glass, which allows for strong binding, optical clarity, and tough adhesion. Furthermore, during missile testing to certify the product as impact resistant, this glass interlayer has to resist impacts with a piece of lumber traveling at 34 mph and it cannot be penetrated. Request Impact Windows Prices.

Hurricane Protection. For this reason, our impact resistant products serve as a protective barrier against windstorms, wind-borne debris. Since Laminated impact glass is extremely hard to break, impact windows make it difficult for thieves to enter, which gives your alarm system or yourself enough time to contact law enforcement.

At Eco Window Systems, one of Miami-Dade’s impact resistant windows manufacturers, we are aware of how modern architecture demands large picture windows that bring in lots of natural lighting and give your home an open feel. Yet, these trendy windows many times come with an increase in utility bills due to poor insulation. However, you do not have to give up on your dream of having large windows that capture the great views around your home due to high energy consumption, not at all, you can install energy efficient impact products. Heat transfer is an inevitable outcome between two objects of different temperatures.

Since standard windows are not energy efficient they provide little insulation, which causes greater heat flow. However, our EcoGuard impact windows and doors are built using a PVB interlayer sealed between two layers of glass. PVB is a chemical resin that adheres to the two glasses for strong binding and insulation. This interlayer reduces the thermal conduction of glass, and consequently increases its insulating capability. Impact Glass Windows Manufacturers can help you select the appropriate window systems to achieve great energy savings.

Many insurance companies recognize the installation of impact-resistant doors and windows from certified windows manufacturers for insurance discounts. When all openings in your home are protected by our impact resistant windows and doors you can be eligible for a premium discount of up to 40%. If you are not sure your insurance company offers discounts you should contact your insurance agent before making any purchases. However, keep in mind that according to the Florida Statute 627.0629 for residential properties, all insurance companies are required to provide homeowners with insurance discounts if their homes are protected against windstorms, effectively. See also Impact Single Hung Windows

“It is the intent of the Legislature that insurers provide savings to consumers who install or implement windstorm damage mitigation techniques, alterations, or solutions to their properties to prevent windstorm losses. A rate filing for residential property insurance must include actually reasonable discounts, credits, or other rate differentials, or appropriate reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm have been installed or implemented (Florida Statute 627.0629 for homeowners).”

If you are tired of seeing the bright colors in your carpet and your wood varnish fade away in areas of your home that are exposed to sunlight, then it is time to contact impact windows manufacturers and replace your windows. By installing storm resistant windows from reliable impact windows manufacturers, you will no longer have to close your curtains and turn on all your lights. This is a temporary solution that deprives you of natural lighting and increases your electricity bill. Not many people know this, but hurricane windows and doors provide up to 99% UV protection.

Our impact resistant windows and doors act as a sun barrier to protect you from UV light while still allowing your home to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting. With different glass tints to choose from, our impact windows will preserve the interior of your home and any valuable furniture and decorations that would otherwise be subject to discoloration. This benefit is especially important for Florida residents who enjoy beautiful sunshine almost all year round. Impact glass windows comes in different glass tints that can decrease visibility from the outside and create more privacy.

The word noise generally refers to unwanted sounds like that of your neighbor’s afternoon trumpet practices. Noises of this kind are unwelcome and therefore need to be minimized or eliminated altogether. Impact windows manufacturers believe your home should be a sanctuary, a place to rest and be in peace. So if you find the external noises around your home too distracting, it is time to make a permanent change.

Commonly known as hurricane windows, impact windows not only protect your home from hurricanes, but they also help reduce external noises. This is accomplished through the use of laminated impact glass. The glass has a chemical resin interlayer that reduces outside noise substantially. EcoGuard, (our brand as Impact Windows Manufacturers) laminated impact resistant windows and doors series are an ideal solution if you live near a busy traffic intersection or the noise from your neighbor’s lawn mower wakes you from your peaceful sleep.

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The Truth About Hurricane Windows Protection

Many families are concerned with Hurricane Windows Protection for their homes and properties. The principal reason is the price. The cost of impact-resistant windows and doors. There is a urban myth about impact windows and doors are excessively expensive but is not true. Impact Resistant Windows and Doors are affordable and in many times there are financing options. Why is Hurricane Protection necessary? Hurricane windows protection to preserve your home or properties during a big

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Impact Windows and Insurance Premium Discount

Impact Windows and Insurance Discount. This is another benefit for installing impact windows and doors in your home. Under the Florida 2015  Statutes Chapter 627, the state continues to makes insurance providers offer discounts to customers who have implemented wind mitigation techniques that will lower the damages to the property due to windstorms. It is the intent of the Legislature that insurers provide savings to consumers who install or implement windstorm damage mitigation techniques, alterations,

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Are impact windows required in Florida?

Are Impact Windows Required in Florida? The answers would be YES, there are areas in South Florida (Miami-Dade or Broward counties (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, (HVHZ)) where the building codes requires wind-borne debris protection. However, even if you live in an area where there is no such requirement, it is advisable that you protect your property with impact-resistant windows and doors. Florida and the nearing states are constantly threatened by hurricanes. It wouldn’t surprise me if

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Impact Windows and Doors are eligible for an IRS Tax Credit?

Impact windows and doors are not tax deductible; however, they are eligible for a tax credit from the IRS and discounts from home insurance companies. The IRS allowed starting in the 2015 tax season for a tax credit for windows and doors that had been installed before December 31, 2014. This allows you to get a tax credit for… continue reading →

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Are Hurricane Windows Energy Efficient?

Hurricane Windows Energy Efficient is a frequent question from ours customers. One thing most homeowners want is to lower their energy bill. One reliable way to do this is to purchase hurricane windows and doors. Impact resistant windows and doors are energy efficient and they will help you lower your energy consumption because they offer better insulation to new and old homes. There are also many other benefits to investing in impact resistant windows. Reduce Your

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Impact Windows, the price to be safe

What is the impact windows price, please? How much are Hurricane Impact Resistant Window? These are questions that many of our clients ask us and we wanted to address to all who wish to know. The answer is not very simple, since we would have to compare the prices of all impact resistant windows and doors manufacturers as well as hurricane shutters, storm panels, roll-ups and so on. Here I would give you a comparison of

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Miami City Building Permits and other cities

Miami City Building Permits for Replacement Windows, Mullions or Glass Doors. As part of the Miami-Dade County Building Application Process you must include the following for all the replacement window and door permits: (One COPY) You have to submit a Yellow permit application and indicate that you’re replacing existing windows or doors. You must enter Category 82 for Residential properties or 83 for Commercial buildings. (TWO COPIES) An exterior drawing of the part of the property

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9 Tips for Choosing the Best Impact Windows

Tip 1: Look for information. Select windows and doors that you won’t have to replace for a long time. Our Representatives can help you choose a style you like and can help you in the decision process. Tip 2: Remember to provide the custom size for each of your windows and doors. Our manufacturer does not charge extra for building impact windows and doors at a custom size. This will help them fit better in

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Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows also know as Impact Windows help you protect your family from the force of a hurricane and also have great benefits if we talk about saving energy. Let’s see. Many people wonder, why they should Opt for Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows. Among the main security benefits when referring to protection for your home is peace of mind. It is very important that you know that your properties and family are safe during a

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Protect your Home with Hurricane Windows

Living in coastal areas can be an amazing experience but at the same time this can also be quite dangerous, because numerous hurricanes tend to appear in such regions. Due to that, you need to make sure that you have the best possible protection against the harsh weather elements, and a good way to deal with such problems comes in the form of hurricane windows. Most windows will get smashed when the winds are coming

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Impact Windows New Releases

Eco Windows Systems is a leading name in home hurricane protection products. We are constantly increasing our product line is why we invite you to read Impact Windows New Releases. Eco Guard Series launched by Eco Window Systems is a modern and stylish Hurricane Impact Windows and doors line, which has been created to enhance the security while conserving the energy. High Impact Windows and Doors Eco Windows Systems has confirmed that the popularity of these

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Impact Resistant Windows in Miami

In all parts of the world, natural disasters lay claim not only to hundreds of thousands of lives but to property and building structures as well. Flying debris can wreak havoc on homes, buildings and landscapes, not to mention campers, boats and vehicles. Those who have witnessed or been a part of these disasters have realized the value of impact resistant windows for the home and office buildings, where most people take cover. More and

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How to choose Best Hurricane Impact Windows

Which are the best Hurricane Impact Windows? When you live on the coast near a large ocean, you must seriously consider preparing your home against wind borne debris and tropical storms, specifically with impact resistant windows and doors. It’s impossible to control or even determine the possible property damage from high winds, rains and debris; however, it’s important that we take steps to update and build our homes and offices to withstand the most common

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Hurricane Windows, improving your lifestyle

If you are living in hurricane prone regions, then it comes quite essential for you to install hurricane windows. Made of aluminum, these windows will be protecting your house from UV rays, debris and obviously, a hurricane. Severe weather conditions can often cause a lot of damage to your property but making prior provisions for the same is always a good idea. Here is a list of the reasons why you need to install these

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Using Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricane proof windows are a protective barrier against major storms and debris, and they also protect your family and belongings by preventing burglary because the glass is extremely difficult to break, so there would be more time for the alarm system or person to alert the police.  Hurricane Proof Windows do not guarantee 100% protection against burglary or invasion, but they certainly offer a bit of extra protection by making it more difficult to enter.

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Impact Resistant Windows. Why you should have them?

Impact Resistant Windows ( impact glass windows ) ? Many people often question: “why I should invest in and use impact resistant windows”. If you’ve ever lived in the areas that are susceptible to various windstorms, or know anyone who does, then you would know the answer to that question. Impact resistant windows don’t provide you with 100% guarantee that it won’t break, but it will withstand excessive winds and blunt force from heavy debris. See

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Hurricane Windows Manufacturers, a case of success

Delsy Radson and her husband, Mike Radson, from Miami, FL, tell us the story of their search for hurricane windows manufacturers last year. The couple spent a few weeks calling and visiting several impact windows manufacturers up and down the Florida peninsula. They also called installers and distributors of the largest hurricane windows manufacturers and checked online directories in search of good prices and of an impact windows manufacturer that would answer all their questions and offer

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Impact Windows and Doors. How it works.

Whether you should place impact windows and doors in your home or not, is one of the most important decision you’ll make when it come to the protection of your family and property. Impact windows and doors are protective windows tested to resist tropical storm or hurricanes, impact of large missile and cyclic wind. Impact Windows and Doors from a trust worthy Manufacturer We are all aware that hurricanes leave destruction, floods, and death in their wake. Unfortunately,

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Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers

Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers began using an adhesive protective film. An Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers faces an important issue, how to protect their products once they leave the warehouse. At Eco Window Systems (Impact Windows South Florida ) they like to take care of their impact resistant windows and doors to the point where they have taken action to prevent any damage to their impact resistant windows. When a construction project is finished, many times hurricane impact

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Storm Resistant Windows tips

What to do or not to do when cleaning your Storm Resistant Windows. Storm Resistant Windows must be kept clean and safes. At our impact windows manufacturer, we make sure our storm windows and doors do not get scratched during the manufacturing and delivery process. For this reason, our glass comes with a film preserve , a protective layer, which is removed after installation. Hurricane resistant windows are very strong and durable; however, they still

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