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Are Hurricane Windows Energy Efficient?

Hurricane Windows Energy Efficient is a frequent question from ours customers. One thing most homeowners want is to lower their energy bill. One reliable way to do this is to purchase hurricane windows and doors. Impact resistant windows and doors are energy efficient and they will help you lower your energy consumption because they offer better insulation to new and old homes. There are also many other benefits to investing in impact resistant windows.

Reduce Your Energy Bills
Due to the high South Florida heat, replacing windows and doors is necessary over time. Especially if your windows are worn down and are not airtight. It is through the inadequate insulation of our windows and doors that we lose the most energy in a home. Energy preservation is not only a personal concern for many homeowners, but a worldwide initiative. Impact resistant windows use laminated glass which help preserve energy and help the environment. Laminated glass is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass with a plastic interlayer (PVB).

The PVB interlayer acts as an insulator and therefore, helps with energy consumption. Changing existing windows also gives homeowners the chance to properly reseal their windows using the latest products and making sure each opening in the home is waterproof as well. Energy efficiency is just one of the reasons for investing in replacement windows, below there are others.

Reduces Energy by Blocking Harmful UV Rays
Another added benefit for choosing storm windows that is related to energy efficiency, is UV protection. Impact windows and doors help to effectively block UV rays. This helps keep the home cooler and the air conditioning working a lot less during the summer months. Most impact windows and doors have been designed to block 99% of UV light. Blocking UV light along with the insulating quality of storm windows will allow you to reduce your electricity bill considerably.

When Should I Replace my Existing Windows?
If you notice your electricity bills are higher during the summer months, your windows and doors are very difficult to operate, the windows’ hardware are not working properly, your windows require constant repairs and waterproofing. Then, it might be time to invest on replacement windows and finally lower your expenses and your energy use.

Also, keep in mind that insurance providers offer many incentives to homeowners who have protected all the openings in their homes with impact windows and doors. This may result in a reduction of your yearly premium.

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