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Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows


Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows also know as Impact Windows help you protect your family from the force of a hurricane and also have great benefits if we talk about saving energy. Let’s see.

Many people wonder, why they should Opt for Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows. Among the main security benefits when referring to protection for your home is peace of mind. It is very important that you know that your properties and family are safe during a powerful storm. The installation of hurricane windows will offer you just that peace of mind.

Windows that are not impact resistant can be dangerous for your safety.

It’s true, that replacing your doors and windows for doors and windows that are impact resistant, can be more expensive, however, if you think about it, this can be a good investment in your home and safety. In storms, for instance, regular windows can easily break. If a window were to break, the building envelope will also break, causing tension in the house which might actually lift the roof and push out the walls. This could become a major problem. The storm would have to be an incredibly strong one, to allow this to take place; however, this is possible with storms.

When purchasing impact glass windows, consider it an investment. In general, people buy insurance for those unexpected accidents in life. Thus , when you replace your old windows with impact resistant windows, you are actually buying insurance for your home. Other than the danger that comes with the storms and hurricanes… there are other reasons to replace your windows with impact resistant windows.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows Reduce your Bills

One of these reasons is that you can save on utility bills. This being an incredible money-saving reason. Impact glass windows are made from laminated glass using LoE coatings. Thus, this excellent combination makes it possible for heat and cold to keep out, in doing so, lowering air-conditioning and heating expenses, accordingly. Impact Windows help to reduce energy consumed in your home.

You are almost certainly entitled to insurance discounts whenever you replace old windows with impact-resistant ones, since several insurance providers have an understanding of the security value that comes with these types of windows.

Another advantage of hurricane impact resistant windows is that the “resell value of your property” increases when you install it. Since these doors and windows are made with layered glass, it helps in minimizing outdoor noise.

Many tests have demonstrated that a strong man hitting an impact resistant can’t break the glass after various attempts, so they are a large protective shield against theft and vandalism.

Cleaning companies and homeowners ask us constantly on how to clean impact resistant windows. There is no special method for cleaning these doors and windows, making it very easy to keep clean and running efficiently. Impact resistant doors and windows are easy to clean.

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