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Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers

Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers began using an adhesive protective film.

An Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers faces an important issue, how to protect their products once they leave the warehouse. At Eco Window Systems (Impact Windows South Florida ) they like to take care of their impact resistant windows and doors to the point where they have taken action to prevent any damage to their impact resistant windows. When a construction project is finished, many times hurricane impact windows and doors end up covered in spattered paint and filth.

Hurricane Impact windows and doors also get dirty and scratched during remodeling. Cleaning impact windows and doors covered in construction materials can take up a lot of time, making the installation process longer and possibly more expensive. That is why, to make the work of distributors and installers easier, cleaner, and safer, Eco Window Systems has opted for purchasing its impact glass with a protective adhesive film that can be easily removed after installation. See also Hurricane Screen for Windows

A Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers that Cares about its Distributors

The protective film they are using, unlike others used by other hurricane impact windows manufacturers, leaves the glass completely clean and without any adhesive residues sticking to the impact glass.

To make sure this new storm impact windows adhesive was having the desired results, I asked some of Eco Window Systems’ distributors and their installers, to get their opinions on the Preserve film.

This is a summary of the reactions I got to the adhesive film:

“Ever since our hurricane impact windows manufacturers started using the protective film I feel relaxed when handling the windows and loading them into the truck for installation.”

“I haven’t had any complaints yet. Actually, homeowners love the new film.”

“Handling the windows is easier, specially during installation.”

“When I’m done installing a house I’m confident there won’t be any surprises at the end. I’m sure the impact windows won’t have scratches or dust.”

“ECO like Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers,  has found a solution that works and doesn’t cost us any money,” said one of ECO’s authorized dealers last week.

To make sure everyone was satisfied with the new adhesive protective film, I visited Julio, Director of Warehouse Operations at Eco Window Systems.

“We are always looking for ways to facilitate the work of our dealers. We were aware of the issues they faced when handling our impact windows and doors during transport, and especially during installation. That’s why we decided to protect our product from the most frequent damages, scratches to the impact glass surface. […] This protective film works great because it reduces 95% of damages due to scratches, bumps, stucco, etc… If you add that to the care we always place when handling and shipping our products, we are adding extra value to each impact product. You won’t find this service in many other hurricane impact windows manufacturers.”

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Andrea Marques

December 9, 2017 at 8:22 am

Curious…d.ibhave a rotweiler about a year old and she scratches on our sliding doors now….will she able to leave scratch marks with her nails if she jumps on your french doors?

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