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Hurricane Windows Manufacturers, a case of success

Delsy Radson and her husband, Mike Radson, from Miami, FL, tell us the story of their search for hurricane windows manufacturers last year. The couple spent a few weeks calling and visiting several impact windows manufacturers up and down the Florida peninsula. They also called installers and distributors of the largest hurricane windows manufacturers and checked online directories in search of good prices and of an impact windows manufacturer that would answer all their questions and offer them advice.

Hurricane windows manufacturers are sought by customers in Florida

“When you are going to invest in these remodeling projects in your home” affirmed Mrs. Radson, “you always have concerns but you don’t always find an expert who can answer all your questions. Mike and I took on the challenge of finding hurricane windows manufacturers that were convenient for us.”

Looking Hurricane Impact Windows Manufacturers in Miami

Mr and Mrs. Radson had recently purchased a new house and believed it was of vital importance to protect themselves with hurricane resistant windows and doors by professional hurricane windows manufacturers . Their previous home had been equipped with aluminum shutters, but they were getting old and didn’t want the hassle of closing all their shutters whenever there was a hurricane threat. In conversation with Mr. Radson, he mentioned how he still remembered Hurricane Katrina and and how fortunate we had been in Miami. See also Wholesale Hurricane Windows

Hurricane-Rated Windows for Residential

I also remember Katrina and how most of the city lost its power, and how debris caused a lot of damage to properties. I understand Mr. and Mrs. Radson’s concern. They had to move to a new home and they wanted to make sure they were protected. In their preliminary research they came to the conclusion that hurricane windows manufacturers were the best route.

The 2012 hurricane season promised to be active and even though not many hurricanes were mentioned a strong hurricane was promised for the end of September, “by then our search for reliable hurricane windows manufacturers intensified” said Mr. Radson.

Hurricane-Proof Glass: One of Miami’s hurricane windows manufacturers

This is how the Radson family reach the doors of Eco Window Systems, where they were assisted immediately. They were offered coffee and shown to ECO’s showroom where a member of the customer service team showed them the different options available to them.

These days people are concerned with the Cost of Hurricane Windows. “We were lucky we found ECO after our long search for hurricane windows manufacturers,” assured Mrs. Radson. “At ECO the service was excellent, they advised us on which impact windows were better for our home and gave us the information of some Eco Distributors whose addresses were near our house.”

Three months after the installation of EcoGuard windows and doors at the Radson residence, Mrs. Radson called ECO to express her gratitude and satisfaction. “You are the best Hurricane Windows Manufacturers,” she said excitedly.

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