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Impact Resistant Windows in Miami


In all parts of the world, natural disasters lay claim not only to hundreds of thousands of lives but to property and building structures as well. Flying debris can wreak havoc on homes, buildings and landscapes, not to mention campers, boats and vehicles. Those who have witnessed or been a part of these disasters have realized the value of impact resistant windows for the home and office buildings, where most people take cover. More and more people and builders are turning to the wind-borne tested and certified products of Miami-Dade County.

It’s common knowledge that Miami-Dade county gets slammed with hurricanes and storms every year. This is why researchers have created a large and small missile test to ensure products can withstand high winds and most debris. Their success has become highly recommended all across the country, and their certified products are now part of the Florida building code to ensure better safety and security of both property and lives.

Impact Resistant Windows Replacement

Upgrading and replacing windows in your home to be impact resistant will add not only extra security when these natural disasters come knocking at your door, but it will provide you with peace of mind too. By installing windows that are impact resistant, you won’t need to worry about that added preparation when news of an oncoming storm comes. You won’t need to close the shutters or nail plywood to the wall. You can spend the time preparing your home or office in other, more important ways, such as making sure you have all the products needed in case of emergency, as well as short and long term power outages. See our Impact Windows Catalog

Windows that are impact resistant come in two main types: Insulated and non-insulated. Basically, these windows are so resistant to common forms of debris like rocks and branches because of the thick glass panels sealed together with an inter-layer that makes them hard to break and shatter. While the cost of buying these impact resistant windows and paying for installation may seem a bit high at first (between $9500 and $10,500 for 10 windows), there are energy-saving tax cuts and insurance discounts for homes and offices that have these windows and doors installed.

When upgrading and replacing windows to be more impact and hurricane resistant, be sure to ask your neighbors and friends about the contractors they used and the products they have bought. Word of mouth and recommendations will help a great deal with finding the right product for your home or office.

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