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Impact Windows and Doors. How it works.

Whether you should place impact windows and doors in your home or not, is one of the most important decision you’ll make when it come to the protection of your family and property. Impact windows and doors are protective windows tested to resist tropical storm or hurricanes, impact of large missile and cyclic wind.

Impact Windows and Doors from a trust worthy Manufacturer

We are all aware that hurricanes leave destruction, floods, and death in their wake. Unfortunately, Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes. Each year we approach hurricane season with the uncertainty of what is to come. However, when the time finally arrives, what can we do, what measures can we take? To protect ourselves and our families we need to be proactive, waiting for a hurricane to knock at our door to begin considering impact resistant windows and doors seems like an unnecessary risk.

Laminated impact resistant windows and doors have become the safest and most elegant way to protect homes before and after hurricane season. Contrary to the well known hurricane shutters, which need to be removed after the hurricane threat is over, impact windows remain in place protecting you all year round. See also Florida Impact Windows and Doors Miami.

Impact-Resistant Doors Florida. Experts in home improvement and real estate claim that properties protected by hurricane resistant windows increase their market value over other properties in the same neighborhood and of similar characteristics. Nowadays there numerous kinds of impact resistant windows and doors for all architectural demands. Contact us if your are looking for best impact-resistant windows.

High Impact Windows by Eco Window Systems

Eco Window Systems, a well known and established impact windows and doors manufacturer in Miami , Florida, launched its EcoGuard series a few years ago. EcoGuard offers a full line of impact resistant windows and doors, from single hung windows (50 and 100 Series) to storefronts (400 Series).

Julio, Director of Warehouse Operations at Eco Window Systems, (Impact Windows South Florida) commented that the EcoGuard series has been engineered following the strictest parameters of quality control and each assembly material has been tested by the Miami-Dade Product Control Division.

Having passed these rigorous testings, assures Julio, aside from granting them with a NOA, allows ECO to offer its distributors and clients an excellent product. Their impact resistant windows and doors have passed wind loads for 9000 cycles and withstood missile testing of 34 mph. Not all impact windows manufacturers have passed the tests and certifications that their products have. See our photo gallery about installed Hurricane Proof Windows in Florida. Read also Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors.

The Aesthetics of Impact Windows and Doors. Bottom Line

Cost of Impact windows is important but another aspect to consider when buying impact windows and doors from a reliable impact windows manufacturer is beauty. Modern engineered impact windows and doors can be elegant and sophisticated. For this reason, Eco Window Systems, as a leading impact resistant windows and doors manufacturer in South Florida, continues to develop and expand its EcoGuard Series.

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