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Impact Windows, the price to be safe


What is the impact windows price, please? How much are Hurricane Impact Resistant Window? These are questions that many of our clients ask us and we wanted to address to all who wish to know. The answer is not very simple, since we would have to compare the prices of all impact resistant windows and doors manufacturers as well as hurricane shutters, storm panels, roll-ups and so on. Here I would give you a comparison of the cost of impact windows and doors and other hurricane shutter alternative.

Many terms can be used when speaking of impact windows price. You can hear to say “storm windows price”, “hurricane windows cost “, hurricane resistant windows price. It is the same. People do not agree to call the same way. While that’s not so important. I think.

Hurricane Doors also helps keep your home safe. Also know Hurricane Impact Doors resists Hurricane Category #5 (157 mph or higher); then if the wind hurricane, is able to penetrate into the house, the pressure is increased dramatically, damaging the walls and roofs. Most hurricane damage is caused when wind blows out windows, howls through the home and exerts enough pressure to blow off the roof. The house can collapse.

What are the most popular styles of Impact Windows?

Single Hung Impact Resistant Windows is a popular window style used frequently in many home and building. This is a style very easy to install, operate and maintain. Casement windows are a very popular window style too and that is joined to its aluminum frame by two or more hinges. Horizontal Roller also know as sliding impact window open horizontally from one or two sides, providing easy access to fresh air stream.

All of those windows (Single hung windows, double hung, casement windows and horizontal roller) are built with high quality commercial aluminum, which firmly holds the impact laminated glass. There different sizes and frame colors.

Double Hung Windows  are versatile because they can be used in almost all types of property. There are a variety of shapes and sizes and its are easy to clean. Double Hung Windows, prevent heat exchange with the outside, maintaining comfortable temperature inside the room. Therefore, if you are in need of protect your home or property and are debating whether you should buy impact resistant windows (with impact laminated glass) or hurricane shutters, here is what you should know:

The best way to get the impact windows price is asking for a Free Estimate. We need to know windows and doors sizes and how many opening do you need in your property. Get Free Estimate in Minutes

Non Impact Windows Price with Storm Panels

Storm panels are the cheapest form of hurricane protection and when you compare the cost of storm panels, one is expected to pay about $200 more for impact windows or doors. If you will also be replacing your regular windows, then you have to keep in mind that the installation cost will be greater for regular windows and storm panels, since the installer needs to remove the old windows, install the new non impact resistant windows and install the storm panels.

Non Impact Windows Cost with Accordion Shutters
Accordion shutters were a popular option in the past for hurricane protection. When it comes to prices, you would be expected to pay about $150 more for this alternative.

Non-Impact with Manual Roll-Up Shutters
The costs of Roll-up shutters is very high, you can be expected to pay more for this option alone, than the cost of impact windows. The installation costs are also high and when you have to close them, you have to go one by one and bring them down.

Non-Impact with Electronic Roll-Up Shutters
When considering the alternative of purchasing electronic roll-up shutters as opposed to impact-resistant windows, impact Resistant windows WIN all the time. This solution has become less popular as the cost of impact resistant windows and doors becomes more affordable. The electronic system that allows the shutters to go up and down adds a substantial amount of money to this option. This alternative will double the price of impact resistant doors and windows.

Impact Windows Price and Other Benefits

The great thing about impact resistant windows and doors that is making them the number one choice for homeowners is that they are always in place, there is no need to prepare in case of a hurricane warning. A home or business is always hurricane protected when you have impact resistant windows and doors in place.

Many of the homeowners that come to us have opted for impact resistant windows for this benefit, they tell us that whenever they were away on vacation and needed to have their shutters closed for a hurricane warning they had to contact a company, which would charge them, to have the shutters closed while they were away. Impact resistant windows cost could never compare to having this kind of peace of mind while you are away.

Casement Impact Window and Fixed Impact Windows are other popular impact resistant windows. Visit our catalog to see the Casement Window and Fixed Window features.

Installing impact windows & doors requires proper style selection and the most qualified installer.

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Susan Guthrie

August 12, 2017 at 10:52 pm

How much more is an impact door with a three point locking system, than the one with just a single deadbolt? I am trying to decide whether or not to get the better locking system. Thank you. My neighbor said around $250 more for the door with the multi-point locking system, but I want to make sure.

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