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Let us Prepare your City Permits to the Quality and Accuracy Your Project Demands

Every city has a requirement and we know how to adjust to them.

Prepare City Permits

Why Eco Window System can help you?

Now you can request the preparedness of the City Permit in Eco Window System and present it with professionalism and absolute confidence in the city where your construction is located. Each city has different rules and regulations for which having City Permit made by an expert is of great value.

What does your City Permit include?

Eco Window System has created hundreds of city permits to date in a precise and trustful manner. The City Permit include:

- Site-Specific Windload Certificate.

This is a document that includes the wind pressures in the zone where your construction is located.

- Permit Drawing

This is a collection of architectural drawings of the buildings where doors and windows have been included, as well as its dimensions. A document is appended with the detailed characteristics of each door and window utilized in the building.

- Notice of Acceptance. N.O.A.

Document issued by the County approving the use of Impact-resistant door or window. Brands and highlighted that facilitate the understanding of the document are included. See our NOA section here.

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