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The Truth About Hurricane Windows Protection

Many families are concerned with Hurricane Windows Protection for their homes and properties. The principal reason is the price. The cost of impact-resistant windows and doors. There is a urban myth about impact windows and doors are excessively expensive but is not true. Impact Resistant Windows and Doors are affordable and in many times there are financing options.

Why is Hurricane Protection necessary?

Hurricane windows protection to preserve your home or properties during a big storm: your home’s windows and doors. High winds from hurricanes can project large objects through your windows and doors. This tends to break your windows and then builds pressure inside the house that may actually shatter the rest of your windows and possibly cause the roof to blow off of your home.

3 Questions about Hurricane Protection…

To keep this from occurring , you will take preventative measures. Hurricane window protection can give you this type of protection. When you are choosing your window protection, you will need to consider how to install the protection your home. The things you need to ask yourself is: I’m going to require a contractor, or can you install it for myself.

The other questions are about the prices, and what is the best hurricane windows options.

  • Can I afford the cost to installing Hurricane Windows?
  • Can I decrease the cost, if I install my own hurricane resistant windows ?
  • What can I do to protect my home and my family?

There are many options, to protect your home from any tropical large storm or hurricane. Shutter, for example, was very popular options, several years ago. There are various types of shutters for window protection from hurricanes, but Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors are the best option today. Read also Average cost of Impact windows.

Time to know differents Hurricane Windows Protection Options

Accordion shutters can come in one or two pieces (storm panels) attached permanently to your home, just outside the windows. Since they don’t have to be hung as the storm arrives, you simply unfold them over your windows. These are the simplest to use if it is for a one person home, and they can be locked.

There are also, Bahama Shutters which are attached (storm panels) to your house, right above your window, they will be in the same spot, at all the times and can be propped open, when they are not needed. They will give you shade from the harsh rays of the sun when they are propped open. If there is a threat of a major storm, you then can lower and secure them beneath your window. This just so happens to be a one person job.

More about different Kinds of Shutters

Roll Down Shutters are storm panels rolling in a box above the window or doors. Push a simple button when you need and they will lower and lock in place. This tends to be expensive, but it offers you the most protection than any other shutter system could. However, many people don’t enjoy the way they look on their homes, and you also have to monitor them to make sure that the motor is in great working condition with the backup battery system. It is just pointless to have the system if you can’t lower them when you need it the most, and if the electricity goes out, they won’t work unless there are batteries.

You do have the option of putting in simple storm panels. They are steel or aluminum panels that are connected to the outside of your home on tracks. These will need to be installed as the storm hits land. The panels will slide into the tracks and in place, overlapping each other. This tends to be a difficult job to do alone.

Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors that are made from hurricane glass, are usually made of an impact resistant glass. This is a great new product that seems to be used more often when it comes to constructing homes that are in a hurricane zone.

The impact resistant windows are always in place, so there is no additional work and they can even be installed in your existing home, but they can be expensive. These windows must be installed professionally in order to ensure that they will protect your home properly. The new hurricane windows do meet all the needed codes in Florida for hurricane windows protection.

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