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Using Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricane proof windows are a protective barrier against major storms and debris, and they also protect your family and belongings by preventing burglary because the glass is extremely difficult to break, so there would be more time for the alarm system or person to alert the police.  Hurricane Proof Windows do not guarantee 100% protection against burglary or invasion, but they certainly offer a bit of extra protection by making it more difficult to enter.

We have all seen the pictures and read or seen the news about the damage done to buildings and homes in major tropical storms and hurricanes. It devastates lives not just through its violent destruction of physical property, but also hurts people emotionally and mentally too. This is why so many people look for ways to protect not only themselves, but their homes, offices, and community buildings if they live in hurricane/storm-prone areas.

What are Hurricane Proof Windows?

It’s important to understand that nothing is absolutely fool-proof when it comes to mother nature’s will. Hurricane proof Windows will help protect you against most debris, but if a large tree is uprooted and thrown against the window, it’s likely it will break. However, the current standard for testing hurricane windows is the Miami-Dade County hurricane impact test, which is part of the building code that ensures these windows and doors can withstand winds up to 110 mph and most flying debris. The best is “you don’t have to worry about shutters.”

Advantages of hurricane proof windows or Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows are numerous, including the fact that you don’t have to worry about shutters, or cutting and nailing plywood at the news of an oncoming storm. It offers continuous protection and a bit of personal security.  See also Hurricane Windows and Shutters

Cost of Hurricane Proof Windows

Hurricane Proof Windows Prices varies by place, material, and glass used. Before shopping, however, check with your home or business insurance company to see if they will help cover the cost or reimburse you for these products. Also, check with a tax specialist and find out if you would qualify for tax breaks (most of the time, you do).Whether you choose to get the windows or shutters, be sure they meet the best requirements and have passed the tests of resistance that would make them worthwhile to use. See also Hurricane Resistant Windows and Doors

Hurricane Proof Windows. Bottom Line.

Generally speaking, and on a very broad spectrum, they range between $35-$50 per square foot, but it’s uncertain if this price includes installation and labor. Check with your impact windows manufacturer for more details on pricing and installation.

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